Be my Valentine! XXXOOO

Red roses and chocolates are popular Valentine’s Day gifts, but they are usually not good for the planet. Imported roses are associated with the use of pesticides, and the most popular brands of chocolate are not organic or grown in a healthy environment. Still, one of the best ways to celebrate love is to keep it personal and totally unique. With this in mind, there are plenty of ways to keep Valentine’s Day green.

Everyone loves to receive homemade cookies or brownies. These can be made with organic ingredients, and there won’t be any packaging to throw out.

Many couples like to dine out, and it isn’t hard to find restaurants that are green. Some of the most romantic restaurants are the ones that are independently owned and not part of a large chain. In most cases, these restaurants use organic food that is grown locally.

A quiet meal at home is a nice alternative to eating out. This doesn’t have to be a fancy dinner; it can be a simple meal of fruit, cheese and a nice bottle of organic wine.

It’s possible to give flowers as a gift without harming the planet, and there are several alternatives to roses that are in season now. A live plant also makes a great Valentine’s Day gift. A potted plant is not only good for the environment, but it is also the perfect way to express undying love.

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