In the United States alone, there are thousands of hair salons that shear off as much as a pound of hair each day. This means that America

Phil Spector's Hair stops oil spill

Hair can clean up oil spills or scare it away in this case!

ns are cutting away 135 million pounds of hair on an annual basis, and all of this excess has been ending up in landfills.Recycling hair is not only a great way to help relieve environmental pollution, but it also provides an excellent opportunity to help those who are less fortunate. There are many people who suffer from extreme hair loss due to severe medical treatments and diseases like cancer. Donating your own hair to causes such as these can help both the environment and the person who is enduring the hair loss.

For those who might be interested in helping the environment, recycling hair to help clean up an oil spill is one of the many options out there. When you send your clippings to an organization like Matter of Trust, the hair will be manufactured into a “boom”, or oil mat, that incorporates such fibrous materials as feathers, wool and seeds. These mats are earth-friendly and make a great alternative to the dangerous chemicals that corporations use for their oil spill cleanups.

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