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Electric car battery recycling

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Electric cars may be gaining popularity because of fuel savings and a reduced impact on the environment, but the type of battery typically used in these cars could pose a problem if not properly recycled. Not only is having a recycling program for batteries from electric cars good for the environment, but it helps consumers avoid some safety issues associated with battery disposal.

Safety Issues

The first consideration regarding an electric car battery is that it typically weighs about 550 pounds. This obviously poses a problem when the average driver is attempting to dispose of such a large item. A recycling program would allow consumers to take their used batteries to a place where the battery would be handled using the appropriate lifting equipment.

Much of the energy contained in the battery remains there even after the battery can no longer be used to power a vehicle. A safety hazard is posed by this storage of unused energy. Electric shock from the leftover charge may injure a person, and there is a significant fire risk.

Established Used Electric Car Battery Programs

There are some car companies that have already partnered with recyclers to allow consumers to recycle an electric car battery.

  • Toxco operates a plant in Canada that specializes in using state-of-the-art technology to recycle lithium-ion batteries.
  • In Europe, car manufacturer Tesla has established its own program for allowing consumers to recycle a spent battery from an electric vehicle.
  • Toyota allows Prius owners to take the battery to the dealership to be recycled.
How To Recycle a Used Electric Vehicle BatteryConsumers should start by consulting the owner’s manual for their electric vehicle. Details on how to recycle a spent battery is likely to be found somewhere in the manual. If no information can be found, call a customer service representative.

Consumers can also contact a local recycling plant for a referral to a facility that can handle a large lithium-ion battery.

The bottom line is that electric cars cannot be considered fully green unless the manufacturer has established a way for consumers to recycle the battery.

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Recycling motor oil

I see the problem right here, there's a guy passed out in your engine compartment.

If you change your vehicle’s oil yourself, what do you do with the used oil? My wife uses it for cooking but for those of you with discriminating palates, you have another option. Whatever you do don’t flush it down the toilet or dump it down the storm drain. You can get cash back for it or in most cases you can recycle it for FREE!

Where do you take it?: Most service stations accept used motor oil for free. You can find places to recycle your Motor Oil at or call your local municipality to get a list of drop off centers.

How to handle it: Store your used oil in a leak-proof container with a lid. Do not mix it with other liquids. Store it away from heat sources.

What happens to it?: Used motor oil can be recycled into heating fuel, lubricating oil and oil used to generate power in electric power plants. It is even processed back into motor oil you can use in your vehicle. In some communities, you can get paid for your used oil. In California, certified collection centers pay 40 cents per gallon and most will take up to five gallons at a time from the public. Again, you can find places to recycle your Motor Oil and get cash back at, or call your local municipality to get a list of drop off centers.

Once you begin recycling used motor oil from your car, lawnmower, boat or other motorized vehicle responsibly, it will become another part of your environmentally sensitive routine.

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