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This funny commercial is making people laugh while helping the environment. Check it out yourself YouTube – Funny Raccoon Commercial - Funny Raccoon Commercial

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What's the big deal about this Green Living stuff anyway?

The sustainability movement may be focused on preserving the environment, but it is also responsible for introducing some humorous words and phrases to the environmentally conscious. Here are some funny terms that are now part of the green vocabulary:

Greenwashing– This has nothing to do with safely preparing salad, but it does refer to a deceptive type of marketing that makes a company appear to be more green.

Sustainability Champion – He may not win the boxing match, but this corporate warrior can lead his company into the complex world of sustainability.

Apathetics – This term no longer refers only to the teenage population. It also describes people who are least interested in changing their ways to benefit the environment.

Vampire Power – Dracula is scary enough, but when he forgets to unplug his electronics at night, he becomes absolutely terrifying.

Monstrous Hybrid – A werewolf may appreciate this title, but he would not like the fact that his cotton-blend clothes are not recyclable.

Global Weirding – Although this funny phrase sounds like something a teenager would say, this is the new term that replaces global warming. It not only describes the strange weather patterns that have been occurring lately, but it may also describe how some people feel about the new vocabulary.

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